Is The Profit Shortcut a scam or legit? (2021) Review

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The Profit shortcut scam or legit review

Is The Profit Shortcut a scam or legit? The Profit Shortcut Review. They claim “Finally! A Proven Method For Making Real Money From Home, Even If You’re Brand New And On A Shoestring Budget!” Does it really work? Can I really do this in 4 hours a week like “Sarah Highland” said in the intro video? Let’s take a look.

My review of The Profit Shortcut will be detailed out in the following sections:

  • What Is The Profit Shortcut?
  • How The Profit Shortcut Really Works
  • Is The Profit Shortcut a Scam or Legit?
  • Build Your Own Money Making Website Today For Free

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What Is The Profit Shortcut?

  • Product Name: “The Profit Shortcut” aka “The Super Affiliate Network”
  • Website:
  • Product Type: Affiliate Marketing 
  • Owner: It’s unclear but “Sarah Highland” made the intro video.
  • Price At Time Of This Review: $37
  • Upsells: Yes and it can cost you $1000’s
  • Red Flags: -Multiple names for the same product. Unclear of what you’ll actually be doing to earn money after watching sales video. You need to pay for product before they even show/ explain to you what you’ll be doing.
  • Do I Recommend This? No, See My #1 Recommendation for Affiliate Marketing.

I was first introduced to The Profit Shortcut by a spam type email sent from someone at Retired Millionaire. So naturally, I was skeptical, being that the Retired Millionaire program is a scam itself.

Here’s a copy of that email:

Email Subject: mailing your Free $6,840 Package (3rd Notice!)

From: Retired Millionaire —–

Emali Messgae:

HEY- read below and make sure you get a chance to claim up to 6840.00 …. and as mentioned on whatsapp, tell Derek exactly where to send your complimentary Millionaire Biz Pro that will pay you immediately upon activation.

Just curious how much you’ve been seeing yourself making from this book? Did you use the method inside Page 163 yet? If done right, it should absolutely net you at least 2500.00 … very very minimally.

==> IMMEDIATELY TRY THIS and make up to $258,464 by as soon as Nov 15th and claim up to 6,840.00 for yourself using this Important Free Book!

(I’ve now personally confirmed privately with Derek’s team of brand-new testimonials from NEW beginners all doing just amazing with this book’s tricks! This is a breakthrough in growing your wealth with relatively little effort since much of this stuff is owed to you anyways – and this does NOT even require skill for some)

NOTICE- The beginners getting paid 300k or more are atypical results. Your results may vary. Your payouts are fully assured though. As my personal opinion only, that makes it even more awesomely exciting to see how much you’ll see – hopefully quite fast too if not sooner!

Many copies are almost all taken – I wanted to personally remind you here! Derek reserves the right to CLOSE down this complimentary offer for good if you do not get in…. I am serious.

Note that Derek’s team is now inside dedicating time to help each student personally get their first payment! So in a way, you are assured a good chance to see AT LEAST some sums if you simply get paid right away from this Millionaire Biz Pro Giveaway. Again, Derek has limited copies to give away.

URGENT- if you have not tried this incredible book inside yet, please use it inside because they now have a way to get you seeing 2.5k check by legally “robbing” banks (yes it sounds weird and I am not exaggerating one bit even) – assured legit too. See below…

==> IMMEDIATELY TRY THIS and make up to $258,464 by as soon as Nov 15th and claim up to 6,840.00 for yourself using this Important Free Book!

Here’s a testimonial which I got from student Liz A. from Bend, OR USA…. she is a retired and does not even like to use cell phones and she is seeing the superb potential within just 1 HOUR already of using this book (see below as it’s paraphrased and edited for expression)!


Actual Paid Beginner TESTIMONIAL


“mike you know ive asked you to show me all kinds of things before and they really never worked. i was actually going to give up completely but i knew i needed something since i do live off of my social checks. and i still need to support family

all i can say is thank you thank you THANK YOU for showing me Derek’s big book on Millionaire Biz pro giveaway. I do not really even use a computer and just saw the huge potential today just did this for 1 hour over my land line phone since i dont own a cell phone even. this is simply amazing and i never knew you can achieve so much just by digging, with no skills or knowledge. i look forth to being able to get these sums just using my phone and nothing else. i dont think there is anything even special about my qualifications like using the page 163 instant payout trick. i feel a bit embarrassed even because i dont even feel qualified to be making so much and thank you for helping me see that i’ll eventually get the deposits in my account! this big book is truly a gift worth way way more than 6k!!”

– Liz Armstrong from Bend OR 17USA

FACT – Liz has admitted privately to have gotten a sum of 44,108.00 total so far from using this massive giveaway from Derek….

Again… I’ll repeat…. if you did not try it yet, you’re going to love the results….

==> IMMEDIATELY TRY THIS and make up to $258,464 by as soon as Nov 15th and claim up to 6,840.00 for yourself using this Important Free Book!

This complimentary book’s tricks requires none of the following – I have personally verified:

– requires ZERO education requirements

– requires ZERO bank knowledge

– requires ZERO technical or computer skills

– requires ZERO work experience at all

– requires ZERO speaking skills

– requires ZERO talent or ability at all!

– requires ZERO time at all after you join!! (follow the tip below)

Also – 2 more TIPS I need to remind you of here….

TIP 1- please, PLEASE make sure you check your account within a period of applying the Millionaire Biz Pro on yourself…. and I’d say prepare to be shocked. Yeah because this thing works and Derek is the “real deal” and has been asked to be interviewed by famous financial columns previously.. His research is legitimate, scientific, as well as fully legal. This is legitimately changing lives … that even mainstream magazines cannot deny!

TIP 2- Make sure you use the “BONUS #1: The Secret Millionaire That Could Generate HUNDREDS (or More) in INSTANT Income Week After Week” Bonus package inside …. this bonus is worth its weight in gold – use this 1 tip and get as high as 10k-15k for your account! Results are fully assured.

NOTE – I’ll re-emphasize this ….. even if you get nothing else, please use that bonus inside – you are going to see so high results from it, that you’d absolutely regret not using it.

I also further spoke with Derek’s team – the now infamous “millionaire maker” named Derek Johnson who was happy enough to be interviewed by a column – this was especially kind of him considering that I wouldn’t be surprised if he probably soon be featured on a very famous magazine about this type of book’s success with the public!

Here’s what I got from Derek’s team ….. there’s actually a shortcut inside to see a FAST 2.5k that the establishment OWE you and it’s on page 163…. and anyone can quality- no education or skills or speaking experience needed even!

You just need to locate this killer trick inside ….. and I have personally confirmed that it’s getting awesome results over and over for those people apply it….. which is why it’s rare and in demand

Just activate this complimentary book and if you did not find it already (and get 2.5k check trick already started), then I’ll be happy to help if you need….. it’s possibly the easiest 2.5k you’ll ever see…. I promise to you.


3 EASY STEPS to get 2500.00 paycheck mailed TONIGHT


(Claim this right away because they OWE you… I’m serious and you’ll be furious at why you didn’t before after you witness this book in your own hands)

Follow these steps exactly and I’ll make sure Derek’s method gets you a 2.5k check by applying his killer trick. You’ll get his book right away so you see the results by applying this and in return – all I ask is that if you continue this getting results … please write Derek later and tell him thanks personally!

1. Make sure you go inside and follow Derek’s video inside – this will BLOW your mind I promise. The results could be way more than you’ll ever expect so please rest assured you’ll get a LOT of value from this inside.

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2. Go inside and once inside page 163 of the complimentary book, please make sure you have your account details correct following his method step-by-step (it’s simple and perfectly legal – it’s what THEY owe you!)… otherwise you will probably not receive anything so make sure.

3. Once setup using this method … please REPLY here or email me – or whatsapp message me and tell me you already got inside all setup… my team and I will then personally show you how to get a cool 2500.00 using Derek’s “legally rob” trick. It already blows my mind how simple it is that anyone can do this easy.

(please hurry because access to this complimentary book does have LIMITED time-sensitive copies!)

Also I’m going to finish off my week with some family so please hurry today so I still can dedicate the time to help you personally and make sure you get this 2.5k MINIMUM out of it! Derek’s team will take care of you.

There are no strings attached because all that’s needed is that you claim one of these complimentary books and get paid, give a feedback on your immediate results (this helps Derek’s team perfect the method too!) and you should see some killer results.

Please whatsapp text message me if you have any issues.

Just let me know how much you’re doing from these tricks today OK?

Final reminder- please do not forget to activate his Bonus Gift #4: The Millionaire-Backed Loophole That ELIMINATES Mortgage Payments… yeah, it’s totally true and zero exaggeration in practice …. because this one trick alone here will add another 250k to your bank account within this year alone. I promise you – watch your account and see if he’s right! Every single person who has used this is adding 21,538.00 or more to their accounts every single month – almost without exception.

In the very, very worst case … you’re going to see 2.5k within just hours of activating this by using the page 163 super-easy trick – if you apply and follow my exact 3 steps there.

Again- please hurry – this is a reminder email because copies inside will be all taken very very soon. And i genuinely feel this is the easiest, EASIEST 2.5k you’ll ever see in a long time.

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……. Not to mention that Derek is dedicating his time inside to make sure any new student who joins for the last remaining spots of Oct will have a good shot at getting at least 100k in revenue from this….. no man or woman left behind. These are legitimate results if you simply speak to her inside.

Using Derek’s complimentary book to get payouts from the government almost instantly, I can personally say that after witnessing and verifying his brand-new student testimonials, that you have ZERO excuse not to be claiming over 6000.00 for yourself and also getting a check for 2500.00 – and worst case, just getting a 2.5k check into your account if you follow my steps there by legally “robbing banks”. Let me know your results OK?


Retired Millionaire

As I mentioned earlier Retired Millionaire is totally a scam so I was very skeptical when I received email from them promoting “The Profit Shortcut”

And after reading the email and watching the sales pitch video for I was even more skeptical. They mention different product names and they don’t even mention what you will be doing to earn money. It just seems very strange.

How The Profit Shortcut Really Works

Sarah Highland claims everything is done for you and all you have to do is market stuff. It is very unclear of what you’ll actually be doing from the sales video and you have to buy the product first to learn what you actually will be doing.

It’s basically an affiliate marketing program to help promote their products. But it’s done in a very shady way.

Is The Profit Shortcut A Scam?

I find it very strange that in about a 30 minute introduction video, they don’t even tell you what you’ll be doing to earn money. Furthermore, there’s multiple names and websites for this so-called system and there’s multiple upsell’s that will end up costing you a lot of money.

There is a 30 day moneyback guarantee offered but when I went to their website I cannot find the correct location to cancel your membership.

I believe this is a scam I would not recommend it. There are way too many Red Flags.

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